Our services include the following:

• tile flooring • laminate flooring • exotic hardwood flooring • stair case installation • complete bathroom remodeling • complete kitchen remodeling • reconfiguring and finishing of interior spaces • personal shopping assistance •

Getting Started:

Step One: Free Estimation / Consulting:
     Give us a call to schedule a free estimate. This means we will gladly meet with you at the job site were we can review your design ideas or assist you with the design. We have a variety of building samples that we will present. We can install pre-purchased materials, or consult and assist our clients with choosing the appropriate material’s for the project. During this visit we will take measurements and discuss the details of the project. We now have the information we need to give you our estimate. The estimate will include start date, end date, day to day project goals, set price and a payment schedule. There are no hidden costs or additional charges to our estimate unless the job description changes.

Step two:
     Shopping for all the necessary building materials.  Because we hold a contractors license we have a network of suppliers that provide us materials at a wholesale price. Part of our Aloha Spirit customer service is that we pass this discount on to you. YOU SAVE A LOT OF $$$$$$$. We pick up and deliver standard quantities for our customers for FREE!!! We organize the delivery date of the building materials to be delivered so that they arrive at the jobsite before the start date. This will ensure maximizing our daily progress.

Step three:
     This is our first day on the job and we are excited to begin the project. Everyone in our crew will be introduced so you know all of us on a first name basis. We will review the daily objectives at the beginning of the day. At the end of the day we will again review the progress and the next days objectives as necessary.

Final step:
     This is our last day of the project. This day will consist of a review of the job description to ensure all items are completed. Then we go through an inspection by the home owner and our superintendent to assure that our customer is more than satisfied.


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